Clickatell Notifications

In today’s digital day and age, customers are constantly expecting new ways of interacting with your brand and business. Clickatell SMS Platform is a powerful, fully scalable communication system that enables you to manage your business communication more effectively. With an infrastructure covering over [...]

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Favicon Manager

Favicon manager module lets you add a favicon image to your WHMCS website. Favicon is a small icon image or logo displayed in the address bar of a web browser. By using this Module, you can easily upload and change favicon icon on your WHMCS. You can create favicon icon for each page or only use one favicon icon [...]

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Widget Manager

Manage the WHMCS admin dashboard with your favourite widgets and customize their window appearance. Widget Manager module is a single click place for all the widgets of your WHMCS to get them on your dashboard. Widget Manager helps you to place and manage your widgets to your WHMCS admin dashboard and forms [...]

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Menu Manager

Now you don't need to create a hook to make a menu in WHMCS v6 new menu with our new addon module the Menu Manager will allows you to manage your client area menu items from the admin area. You can add, remove, rename and move your menu items instantly anywhere in the menu structure Source Code [...]

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Fraud Banning Manager

What is Fraud Banning Manager? Fraud banning manager module work with any fraud services provider like The fraud banning manager detect any fraud activity on your website fraud banning manager count how many times the customer try to order and blocked by the fraud provider. if the customer reach [...]

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Snow Falling Effect

This module is a tool which will make your whole site snowy in the client area. As the admin of the site, you can configure all these things easily in the admin area. Moreover, you can also configure the color of the snow as well as the speed of the falling snow. With Snow Fall, we are sure that your site will [...]

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Credit Balance Expiration

What is credit balance expiration? Credit balance expiration will check all clients credit balance date and if a client credit balance reach the expiry date that the admin setup in the credit balance expiration setting. The system will send a notification email with a link to the client email. If the client [...]

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Social Media Manager

Display social buttons to allow your customer sharing your website products and pages to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Myspace, etc. You can also display the social buttons on any template by using the custom code. With this module you can add your social buttons and page URLs and display them on [...]

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Users Banning Manager

The users banning manager will protects your clients account from anyone try guessing the client email/password. From the module setting you can set the number of failed login attempts to 3 times and if the user try to login for 3 times the module will banned the user IP. You also can set the number of days for [...]

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Terms of Service

This module allow you to add a page for your terms of use on this module you can add/edit/delete you can add description and keyword for terms of use page it's multi-lingual translations and you can hide and show terms and sort order the terms Source Code Note: we will send the project to the PayPal [...]

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