WHMCS Admin Area Addons

Twitter Tweets

With the admin tweets module you don't have to login to your twitter account and post a tweet. Our module save you all that time you will spend on logging and posting tweets on twitter. You know that most of your time your working on the whmcs admin area so now you can tweets and work from your whmcs admin [...]

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Template Modifier

The template modifier will make it more easy to modify WHMCS templates and language files such as the cart template and the admin template also the front and admin language files. The module has been updated to v3.0.0 we have recode the module from scratch and changes how it works with file tree and jquery [...]

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Payment Reminder

With the ticket payment reminder the WHMCS system will open a ticket to each client received his first overdue, second overdue, third overdue reminder by cron job. With this module you can setup a ticket template for each product group also you can add some merge fields like due date, invoice link, product name. [...]

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