WHMCS Client Area Addons

Ticket Sensitive Data

What is Ticket Sensitive Data? Ticket sensitive data will add a custom fields below the ticket textarea so your customer can enter their sensitive data then send it with the ticket. The sensitive data will be send to the staff or store encrypted in the database and will be deleted after you close the ticket [...]

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Simple Blog

The Simple Blog allows authorized Admin to blog. Blogs are a series of posts that are time stamped and are typically viewed by date as you would view a journal. Blog entries can be made public or private to the site members, depending on which roles have access to view content. Source Code Note: we will [...]

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FAQs Manager

We have found the frequently asked questions (FAQ) page a common request. This allows the WHMCS owner to list the most frequent asked questions from their customers with the answers. WHMCS FAQ is designed to allow you to quickly add and manage a collection of frequently asked questions which can be displayed on [...]

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Customer Reviews

Improve the quality of customer reviews with this module which requires a written review as well as a ranking, and can be set up to allow reviews only for customers or visitors. We created The Advanced Product Review to give you more comprehensive information about customers’ opinions and for your [...]

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Maintenance Mode ++

Maintenance mode is for preventing any users other than administrators from using the site while maintenance is taking place, though it's not designed to prevent user access during version upgrades. When users attempt to access a course when your site is in maintenance mode, they obtain a message informing [...]

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Poll Manager

With the poll module you can easy and quick setup a poll on your site by a going through a few steps in a wizard you can follow up on the progress on all your polls you have started on your site by looking at one report. By placing polls on the pages of your website, you give site visitors the chance to vote [...]

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Scroll Up Manager

If your pages are long winded, it’s a good idea to provide viewers with an easy way to quickly/automatically scroll back to the top of the page. That’s is exactly what this module does. It displays a stationary control on user’s screen predefined by Admin. When clicked on, it gently scrolls [...]

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