Sticky Menu

Most designers would agree that navigation is one of the most critical components of a website. Despite this, it is not always easy to use or access. Traditionally, users must scroll back to the top of the website to access the navigation menu. I recently wondered whether sticky menus makes websites quicker to [...]

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Customer Suggestion

The wooden box with a slot in the top is no longer going to be the single source of truth for companies. Companies have always had some type of customer suggestion box at their place of business. Nowadays, with the rise of social media, these little boxes almost seem silly: does anyone fill these out anymore? [...]

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MessageBird Notifications

Since 2011, MessageBird has been connecting companies to their customers on billions of devices around the world. Our versatile and reliable communication APIs have been built in-house by some of the top telephony engineers in the business. To power these operations, we have offices on 4 continents and a [...]

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Uptime Monitor

Uptime Monitor module use Uptime Robot API to provide the service. The Uptime Robot is one of the best uptime monitoring service’s which monitor website uptime from more than 10 locations. Even thought the main monitoring location is at USA – Dallas, it does have nodes in different countries. With [...]

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Twizo Notifications

Twizo owned and operated by Silverstreet ( which is a cloud communications company that has been active in the mobile telecommunications space since 1999. Twizo really grateful to tap into the Silverstreet company ecosystem for support, development and nearly 20 years of market knowledge. [...]

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Client Activity Notification

Client activity notification module for WHMCS will power up your system with 8 new notification email templates to send admin and client any activity happens on the client area. So if the any client register on WHMCS an email will be sent to the authorized admin. As you know if any client changes his details [...]

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Twilio Notifications

If you have used Lyft, Airbnb, or Netflix, you have probably used Twilio. In fact, Twilio powers communications for over 40,000 businesses around the world. With Twilio, you can reach customers in the ways they prefer, and engage with them effectively using context related to that interaction. As customer [...]

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Profile Picture

Profile picture is a WHMCS module by which user can add his or her profile picture to show on profile page. The user have the ability to click on the profile picture to edit then a Dialog/Modals box will show so that the user can edit his or her profile picture. The user have 3 options to add profile picture [...]

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Nexmo Notifications

Nexmo has some of the highest deliverability and call success rates in the industry because we tackle challenges and pain points head on. Nexmo’s platform gives you a consistent response time and you only ever pay for what you use. What’s more, there’s no need to change your configuration, [...]

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Auto Login With IP

What is Auto Login With IP? Auto login with IP is a WHMCS addon module that make it easy for your customers to login to the client area just with their static IP addresses. After the customer login to his account he can go to the "Auto Login With IP" form account tab then enter his IP addresses [...]

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