Customer Reviews

Reviews Votes

Customers or visitor can votes for any review on the page also you can disable this from the admin area

Reviews Message

You can add a message in the reviews page so your customers can see

Keywords & Description

You can add keywords & description to the reviews page it will help to add the page to the search engine


We have added 2 type of avatar default & Gravatar from you can choose any one form the admin area

Reviews Approval

Here we have 3 type of reviews approval - Always On,Off when logged in,Always Off with this 3 types you can manage your reviews as you like

Email Notification

The email notification will send you any reviews that have been added by the customer or visitor so you can then approve them

Custom URL

The custom URL can be use for some of your product or support department and you can then show only the reviews for that product or support department

JQuery Star Rating

Star rating is important in reviews so we added a jquery star rating to make the reviews more active. You can set the default number of stars from the admin area

Administer Options

As an admin you don't have to go to the admin area to see the reviews an approve them with our module you can do that from the client area if you are logged in as an admin you will see some options like approve,edit,reply,ip,email

Awesome Dashboard

We added 2 chart the first is for the monthly reviews and the second is for the stars rating you also will see the last 5 reviews need approval and the most 5 positive and negative votes

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