Uptime Monitor

V2.0.0 Changelog Date (21 November 2018)

  • Added Pushover notification
  • Added Pushbullet notification
  • Added Slack notification
  • Added SMS Gateway notification with 10 SMS providers
  • Added order form for SMS you can setup the price and minimum purchase
  • Added available merge fields for each notification
  • Added monitor duration
  • Updated the uptime robot Api to v2
  • Updated the UI
  • Updated the module to work as an addon with other products
  • Updated the reason
  • Updated the product will be delete from uptime robot if it has been terminated
  • Changed the module name from uptime robot to uptime monitor
  • Changed the email notification system
  • Fixed a bug when client monitor balance finished he can't edit the monitor

V1.1.0 Changelog Date (14 January 2017)

  • Added New page to view all client monitors package
  • Added My Monitors button in menu
  • Added custom My Monitors button

V1.0.2 Changelog Date (19 December 2016)

  • Fixed a bug in client dashboard

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10 November 2016
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21 November 2018
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