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Profile Update

Profile Update

What is Profile Update?
Profile Update is a WHMCS addon module that send email notification and show alert message in client area for clients to reminding them to update their profiles in a certain month that the admin can setup from the profile update module settings. Client can go to his profile and update his information than the module will get the date the client update his profile and store it in database to send him notification in the futures. If the client profile is up to date he can click on a button to hide the alert message and update the date in the database  

Why do you need it?
Web Hosting, domain resellers and other companies need their clients profile up to date to send them notification by email or home address. If the client change one of this important information and did not update his profile he may miss renewing his web hosting or domain and then lose his data and domain that's why we developed the profile update module. The profile update module will help WHMCS admin with sending the reminder email to clients every time the clients profile reach a date that admin has setup in the module settings

How it works?
After installing the profile update module the admin can enter the number of months before the update profile email sent to the client. Also the module will create 2 email templates and by creating the email templates the admin will have the ability to edit the emails subject and message also the admin can use multi language emails. With WHMCS cron job the module will detect all clients that pass the months the admin entered in module settings and then send emails to clients the email will include 2 links the first link is for logging the client automatically without a username and password then take him to his profile to update it. The second link is to confirm that the client profile is up to date and remove the alert message in the client area home page then update the date for the next profile update notification. Also the module will display an alert message in the client area home page to remind the client to update his profile the alert message comes with 2 button one for taking the client to his profile to update it the other button is to confirm that his information is up to date. Finally every time the client updated his profile an email will be sent to notify him if he's the one made the changes to his profile or not

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29 July 2016
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01 June 2018
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