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Delete/Close Account

V1.1.2 Features Date (22 March 2018)

  • You can choose which admin receive email notification

V1.0.0 Features Date (07 July 2016)

  • Delete or close account option
  • Setup a certain date to delete or close account
  • Google new Captcha
  • Admin see all the deletion or closing request form module home page
  • Admin can cancel or delete the client request
  • Ask client to enter his password before processing the request
  • Client need to confirm the request before processing
  • Email send to admins and client
  • Client can cancel the request if he login to his account
  • Client can't browse the website if he login to his account

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07 July 2016
Last Update
30 August 2018
Supported Versions
v6.x.x - v7.0.x - v7.1.x - v7.2.x - v7.3.x - v7.4.x - v7.5.x - v7.6.x
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