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URLs Redirector

URLs Redirector

The URL redirector will redirect any page on WHMCS to a specific URL of your choice. I developed this module for our website to redirect old URL to a new URL. It came to my mind to release this as a project for all WHMCS users

Source Code Note: we will send the project to the PayPal payment email manually and this will take 24 hours to be done.

Source Code include 6 months updates download with the initial purchase. After the first 6 months, updates download can be optionally renewed to maintain access at a cost of $15.00 per 6 months

Source Code

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Free to User License v2.1.2

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Free to User License v2.1.1

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Free to User License v2.1.0

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19 January 2015
Last Update
03 August 2018
Supported Versions
v6.x.x - v7.0.x - v7.1.x - v7.2.x - v7.3.x - v7.4.x - V7.5.x - V7.6.x
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