Top Notification

Custom Notification

Now you can add a custom notification to show anywhere in whmcs

Fix bar to the top of the page

You can fix the notification bar to the top of the page so if the customer scroll down the page he will still see the notification bar

Multi Language

Our customers have 2 or 3 languages in there website so we added the multi language to show notification bar with different languages

Animated color or single color

You will have the option to select form to kind of bar if you set the bar to animated it will show the bar with different colors but is you select single colour you will get another option to pick the color you want to show

Remember cancellation

If the customer or visitor click the close button the notification bar will not show you also can set the number of dates to remember the cancellation

Publish date and expiry date

With the new update you can set a publish date and expiry date to show and hide the notification bar depending on the date you set in the date field

Display the notification for all pages

Now you can make the notification bar show in all the WHMCS pages or you can only show the notification bar in a specific page

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19, May 2013
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30 August 2018
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