Pages Manager

V6.0.4 Changlog Date (30 August 2018)

  • Update font awesome icons to v5
  • Added support to WHMCS v7.6 and PHP v7.2

V6.0.0 Changlog Date (28, July 2015)

  • Update module to support WHMCS v6
  • Fixed small bugs
  • Updated the templates files for WHMCS v6
  • Remove facebook comments box
  • Added comments box

V5.0 changlog date (01 October 2012)

  • Rewrite the addon code from scratch
  • Added check addon for updates in admin area
  • Added expand/collapse menu in admin area
  • Added last 5 external pages in Dashboard

The Page creator

  • Added the ability to create parent and child pages
  • Added the ability to select a template for each page
  • Added page link redirected to any URL you entered
  • Added Display Order
  • Added the ability to add a sidebar menu in Parent Pages
  • Added Require login by client for viewing the page
  • Changed TinyMCE editor to CKEditor

New The Page Template

  • Create templates for the page creator
  • Can create edit or delete custom template file
  • TPL editor

The Page Maker

  • Added meta keywords
  • Added meta Description
  • Added force SSL access
  • Added visitor counter
  • Added Require login by client for viewing the page
  • Changed the TPL and PHP editor to work with all browser

New The External Page

  • This new feature will create a page outside WHMCS if you are using WHMCS in a folder
  • Can Edit Master Pages' Header, Footer, Home Page
  • Can create edit or delete additional HTML pages
  • Visitor counter
  • HTML editor
  • Meta keywords
  • Meta Description

V4.3 changlog date (09 March 2012)

  • Added facebook comment box
  • Added enable or disable facebook comment box
  • Added change the width for facebook comment box
  • Added set the number of comment for facebook comment box
  • Added view the page by public or client only or off
  • Moved the client area language to the addon language file
  • Fixed admin pagination
  • Fixed admin template v4 side menu
  • Fixed displaying no records found in dashboard
  • Fixed deleting page from dashboard

V4.0 changlog date (11 February 2012)

  • Added Page Maker to Make PHP and TPL Files
  • Added Page Menu
  • Added Dashboard
  • Added Last 5 Pages added in Dashboard
  • Added Last 5 Pages Created in Dashboard
  • Moved Settings to Page Menu
  • Added Page Maker PHP and HTML Editor
  • Added Page Maker Toggle Editor
  • You can Add and edit or delete pages

V3.5 changlog date (25 December 2011)

  • Added Page Description
  • Added Page Keywords
  • Added Page Front Language
  • Fixed windows servers license error

V3.0 changlog date (04 December 2011)

  • Added multi-lingual translations
  • Added pagination for admin
  • Added new page for the new template v5.x
  • Fixed Blend Template Menu

V2.5 changlog date (20 November 2011)

  • Fixed License error
  • Fixed some Language bug

V2.0 changlog date (29 October 2011)

  • Added Activate or Deactivate Pages
  • Added page counter in admin area
  • Added Multi-Language for admin area and client area
  • Fixed JavaScript alert message when leaving the page title empty

V1.1 changlog date (17 September 2010)

  • Added SEO Friendly URLs
  • Fixed TinyMCE editor error
  • Fixed License activity blank page

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