Ticket Sensitive Data

Multi Language Custom Fields

In v3.0.0 we have added this features so now you can create custom fields with different languages

Daily Cron Job

You can enable/disable deleting the sensitive data with dally cron job if the ticket is closed


The module have English and German language you can translate the module to your language by adding your language to the module language folder

Ticket Custom fields

In v2.0 we have planted the custom fields in the module so you can create any text box or textarea and it will show in the ticket page and ticket reply page

Ticket Sensitive Data Button

We added a button in the view ticket page to show the sensitive data for that ticket in v2.0 we show the number of the data stored in the database for that ticket

Encrypt Sensitive Data

If you select to store the data in the database the module will encrypt the data in the database

Email Template

We have created an email template so you can edit the email as you like also we have added some values for you to use with the email with multi language

3 Sensitive Data Options

You have 3 option for the sensitive data 1 - send data 2 - store data 3 - send and store data for admin and client

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