The login with paypal module add the register and login buttons to the WHMCS six template and any other template based on the six template if you don’t see the buttons show in the client area you need to edit your template files by fallowing this steps

Go to the login with paypal module settings and select custom buttons then click save. Edit your template TPL files for the allowing pages


  1. Register page
  2. Login page
  3. Checkout page
  4. Client home page

For register page, add this code

<p class="text-center">You can register easier with your paypal account</p>

<p class="text-center">

<button type="button" id="ppRegister" class="btn btn-primary">

<i class="fa fa-paypal"></i> Register With PayPal




For login page, add this code

<br />

<p class="text-center">

<button type="button" id="ppLogin" class="btn btn-primary">

<i class="fa fa-paypal"></i> Login With PayPal



For checkout page register and login, you can use the same codes above

For client home page, add this code

<button type="button" id="ppConnect" class="btn btn-primary btn-sm btn-block">Connect With PayPal</button>