If a language you operate in is not available as standard, then you can create your own translation. Here's how:

  1. You will find the language file in this directory modules > addons > ADDON_NAME > lang
  2. Begin by opening an existing language files
  3. Save the file with a new name - the name should be the same name of the language file in your locale folder in WISECP - the name should only consist of a-z0-9_ characters
  4. Once the file has been created, you can then begin going through and translating the lines within the language files
  5. An example line is as follows - you should only change the part in bold:
return [
  'meta' => [
    'name'         => "Addon Name",
    'descriptions' => "Addon descriptions",

Be careful not to delete any of the quotation marks (") around the text strings or the semi-colons on the ends of each line (;). Also should you want to use a quote character (") within your translated text, you must escape it - for example: \" The language files are written in PHP syntax so valid PHP code must be maintained.