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Ticket Sensitive Data

V4.0.0 Changlog Date (24 May 2017)

  • Recode module from scratch
  • Support WHMCS 7 and PHP7
  • Improve the UI for admin area
  • New send and store data for client
  • New email alert when data stored
  • New multi language for email
  • New custom integration for buttons and fields
  • New use the support department email as default sender
  • New select desired language
  • Bug fixed, stability improvements

V3.1.0 Changlog Date (23 December 2016)

  • Improve the UI for the sensitive data box
  • Improve the posted date
  • Improve the license call
  • Improve the sensitive data button it will show after installing
  • Improve the sensitive data fields it will show after installing
  • New send sensitive data to client from ticket
  • Fixed a bug while updating the module

V3.0.1 Changlog Date (05 October 2016)

  • Updated template file to work on WHMCS v7
  • Fixed a small bug with admin language

V3.0.0 Changlog Date (11, July 2015)

  • Update module to support WHMCS v6
  • Fixed small bugs
  • Added multi language custom fields
  • Updated the templates files for WHMCS v6

V2.0 Changlog date (13 November 2014)

  • Rewrite the module from scratch
  • Added custom fields
  • Added email template to edit the email that will be sent to the staff
  • Added enable/disable deleting the data with daily cron job
  • Added a page to show the ticket that still have sensitive data that is not deleted
  • Added show number of data in the button that is in the ticket page
  • Replaced our encode/decode function with WHMCS function
  • Moved the option to the admin module output

V1.1 Changlog date (18 August 2013)

  • Added 3 options for sensitive data - send data, store data, or both
  • Added the ability to not delete the tables from the database if the module is deactivated
  • Encrypt the data in the database with strong encryption
  • Added a button in the admin area ticket view to display the sensitive data from the database
  • Display the data from the database by date and time
  • Delete sensitive data by the daily cron job if the ticket is closed

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