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Simple Blog

V4.0.2 changlog date (02 September 2015)

  • Added tags to homepage and categories posts
  • Fixed posts count numbers in categories list
  • Fixed categories display order field not showing in google chrome

V4.0.1 changlog date (31 August 2015)

  • Fixed sending a comment error
  • Added new smarty variables

V4.0.0 changlog date (28 August 2015)

  • Update module to support WHMCS v6
  • Updated the templates files for WHMCS v6
  • Added new Google reCAPTCHA
  • Added open graph protocol meta tags
  • Fixed addthis code in browser address
  • Fixed admin menu in V4 template
  • Fixed admin logout if he visited the blog home page
  • Fixed category name in breadcrumb

V3.0 changlog date (01 October 2014)

  • Rewrite code from scratch
  • Added post header image
  • Added RSS,Sitemap,Archive
  • Added social linking
  • Added comments admin buttons
  • Added google recaptcha
  • Added google analytics
  • Added multi-language translations
  • Added template system
  • Added the ability to install the blog on subdomain or different directory
  • Added multi unlimited categories
  • and much more.

V2.5 changlog date (02 April 2011)

  • Moved front language to the addon language file
  • Moved CSS to the addon folder
  • Moved IMAGES folder to the addon folder
  • Added store order for categories
  • Added meta keywords for blog home
  • Added meta description for blog home
  • Added meta keywords for categories
  • Added meta description for categories
  • Added meta keywords for articles
  • Added meta description for articles
  • Added sidebar for default template
  • Added blocks system for sidebar
  • Added the ability to add smarty variables to the sidebar
  • added hooks system you can create a hook for the blog see hooks folder in the blog folder
  • Added gravatar.com avatar
  • Added stick article to blog home page
  • Added set the date to unstick the article
  • Changed the command send button
  • Fixed bug tags
  • Fixed template bug

V1.8 changlog date (10 December 2011)

  • Added blog search engine
  • Added Email notifications when new reply are added
  • Added enable or disable email notifications
  • Added W-Blog Overview Widget
  • Added blog tags
  • Added view all the articles for the category if you click on category
  • Added view all the Comments for the articles if you click on articles
  • Fixed editing and deleting article in blog dashboard, Fix align the comments
  • Fixed read more... link

V1.7 changlog date (10 November 2011)

  • Fixed some bugs in admin area
  • Added disable or enable top menu

V1.6 changlog date (12 October 2011)

  • Added SEO Friendly URLs
  • Added TinyMCE edito toggle fullscreen mode plugin
  • Added TinyMCE edito preview article plugin
  • Added default disable or enable article title in blog settings
  • Added disable or enable article title in post

V1.5 changlog date (12 June 2011)

  • Added TinyMCE edito
  • Added multi-language
  • Added Pagination
  • Added maintenance mode
  • Added comments captcha Add light design for all template

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